e.Coli in LakesMay was a particularly wet month for a number of areas across the country.  Overal it ranks as one of the wettest Mays on record.

Now we are into June and we are seeing the results of that rainfall and the issues that many lakes and streams could be facing. Higher than normal e.Coli counts in lakes and swimming areas. As this news story reports, people should take precautions while being exposed to the bacteria in the water. Fecal matter from birds and other animals is washing this matter into the lakes and streams.  For more on this story, check out the article, “Swim Beaches in 13 Arkansas Counties Closed by Unsafe E. Coli Levels” – June 8, 2015

At Midwest Laboratories, our environmental division is currently seeing alot of samples come in for e.Coli analyis. It is always a good idea to check lake and stream water for potential runoff spikes in e.Coli and nitrates. If you need more information, talk to a representative today.

Enjoy your summer at the lake and be safe.

Picture Source: Pixabay