e.coli in lake michignCheck out this story out of Michigan. It gives a good perspective on the process of monitoring e.Coli levels in Lake Michigan.

Remember, e.Coli is always present to some extent in lake water.

You can take precautions by making sure you wash your hands and body, especially before eating so you do not transmit the virus into your system. Also, if you live an area where there has been a lot of rain, you could see much higher levels of e.Coli.

Know the facts about e.Coli levels. This news story gives a good example of what you need to know about this topic.

At Midwest Laboratories, we are looking a high number of water samples due to recent heavy rains and cooler conditions. If you have further questions about whether your water is safe for drinking, please contact one of our client service staff today.

Picture Source: Pixabay