Fertilize Lawn in JulyYes! – This year I fertilized my lawn in July

I added a slow-release fertilizer with a 30% Nitrogen content. I typically use this type of fertilizer in a fall or late spring time frame. I typically do not recommend this type of application during the summer, because the temperatures in the midwest, (Omaha, Nebraska)  are in the 90’s and the ground is usually very dry. This year the conditions were just right. Cool temperatures a wet May-June time frame.

So what made me realize  I should do this?

This summer, I usually water once a week for about 4 hours for my six sprinkler stations. My neighbors  have picked up the pace a bit and have been watering like crazy. I think the reason is their grass is turning yellow. Yes, just like corn, neighborhood yards are losing nitrogen and turning yellow because of the increased rain.  In addition, a lot of neighbors are seeing a lot of weed popping up because of these conditions. The fertilizer helps the lawn stay thicker and it helps prevent the spread of weeds.

As I look over the forecast for the remaining days in July, it appears more cooler temperatures are on the way. Highs in the 80’s lows in the 60’s. It might be a good idea to apply a mid-summer application.

One more piece of advice.  I usually set my spreader a few settings lower than the normal settings, because the last thing I want to do is add too much fertilizer because it will burn the lawn up if the temperatures suddenly go up a lot in three days.

This summer is anything but  typical, but if you keep an eye on your lawn and you use the weather to your favor, you can find some ways to keep your yard greener than  it has ever been.

If you are still unsure if you should really be applying fertilizer this time of year, consider a comprehensive soil analysis, (Lawn and Garden Test – $25.00| 3 Day Analysis Turnaround)  to know exactly what the makeup of soil nutrients are in your yard.