Weeds in LawnAre Weeds Taking Over Parts of Your Lawn This Summer?

The weeds are back and back in a big way this summer.

Time to take some action!

As I look at my own yard, I don’t remember a time when dandelions were still growing. Also, crab grass is back in a big way and weeds seem to be replacing grass as the temperatures heat up and the ground gets harder.

I attribute these conditions to the wetter than normal spring weather we’ve had and the lack of nutrients in the soil.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my lawn was getting a “yellow” in color. The cooler temperatures were actually helping to keep my lawn looking more like spring then the middle of the summer. As a result of these conditions, I did the unthinkable, I fertilized my lawn in July, (30% nitrogen application). That really is unheard of in most summers.

Today, I am following up with a little spray weed killer. I used to use weed-type fertilizer, but I overapplied one year and really burned several areas of my lawn. I prefer to walk my lawn and spray the weeds that I see.  My neighbors continue to water more and are seeing more and more weeds these days because they were not able to keep nutrients in their soil and second, they lost a lot of nitrogen from the heavy rains.

Do yourself a favor if you live in the midwest area, (Omaha, NE and 300 mile radius). Consider applying more fertilizer on a cool day and try to address the weeds in your yard before they start taking over your lawn.

Picture Source: Pixabay