Cleaning out the RefrigeratorCleaning out the Refrigerator
Learn more about how long food can be kept in your refrigerator.

All those expiration dates or use by dates can get very confusing. Today, no one wants to take a chance on getting sick from something that may have gone rancid. I came across this news story and I thought it did a good job of explaining this topic. Watch the video below for most devices or check out the story on Fox News.

Companies do take this topic seriously as well and try to maximize the shelf life of their own products. Most companies take the time to determine how long their food can last. This information is very important and at Midwest Laboratories we work with a large number of food clients in this area.

If you are a food producer and are looking for a shelf life testing laboratory, please contact one of our food laboratory representatives.

photo credit: May 6, 2013 via photopin (license)