EthanolThis week I have been attending the Fuel Ethanol Lab Conference hosted by Midland Scientific.

It has been interesting to listen to lab managers and supporting vendors talk about the current state of ethanol being produced in the United States.

It comes down to producing a quality product: Ethanol. There are many challenges from a marketing standpoint and producers keep pushing to get acceptance for E-15. At the same time, many lab managers are pushing for higher standards of quality and the passage of new ASTM Methods in this area as well as updating current methods to insure quality continues to be the focus.

In addition, ethanol producers are looking at DDGs, corn oil and cooking oil as avenues to sell co-products.

Several Midwest Laboratories Lab Managers are also attending sessions because the ethanol industry touches a number of different lab areas: food, feed, fuels, environmental and water. There are many areas for analysis.

I have been most impressed with this group as a whole, because they really want a quality product and they look at the analysis numbers and they are asked to make production decisions everyday. It’s been a great conference and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet many people in this industry.


Picture Source: Flickr