Shipping Samples to Midwest LaboratoriesSending samples to the laboratory can be a tough task, especially for those people who are literally pulling samples in the field. I am talking about soil samplers. In addition, understanding the costs of shipping can also be a challenge. UPS and FedEx have now inititated dimensional weight into the price equation to their respective companies maximize the space in their trucks. For the shipper, this means additional attention must be paid to shipping costs.

At Midwest Laboratories, you, as client do have some options when it comes to shipping samples. Setting up an account takes a couple of minutes and it can be done online.

Availabe Services and Cost

UPS and FedEx – Cost is $10.50 for ground delivery, anywhere in the continental United States

Spee-Dee – Cost is $10.00 for ground delivery. One-day service available in NE, IA, SD, ND, MN, Western IL. Also available in WI

Other Services

  • UPS – Overnight service available for $50.00
  • FedEx – Free Pickup available from any address location with 24 hour notice, 1-800-GoFedEx
  • Spee-Dee – Free pickup available by logging onto and selecting date for pickup

Clients are able to print labels online at with their account and affix the labels to their packages.  In addition, if you plan on sending a number of samples, (example soil samplers) you can order shipping labels to be sent to you.

The shipping labels also allow you to drop off your package at any UPS/FedEx drop off box or retail location. Spee-Dee has service centers listed on their website.

Also, remember you are not charged shipping until you send your samples to Midwest Laboratories.

If you have questions about these programs, talk to a representative today.