Soil Testing at Golf CoursesI came across this topic in the article, “Talking N, P and K“by John Torsiello, November 12, 2015.  The article looks at the value of soil testing on golf courses. Dr. Eric Milter is reference in the article and talks directly to this topic.

Dr. Eric Miltner, agronomist for Koch Turf & Ornamental, says despite what seems to those in the industry the obvious benefits of golf courses, superintendents would be wise to quantify their fertilizer usage so they can explain exactly what is going on with their turf and the surrounding environment. Why? Having the right answers to potential questions from management, ownership, members, and the community at large can point out the financial benefits of fertilizer usage and allay fears of potential damage to the environment. “As with any maintenance operation, records can be a critical tool in evaluating your practices and measuring their effectiveness,” Miltner says. “But be aware that the cost of inputs is only part of the equation. A premium product can result in savings in other operations, such as mowing or pest management.”

At Midwest Laboratories, we are seeing more and more golf courses interested in soil testing. At Midwest Laboratories, your soil analysis information is stored for you at for your accessibility 24 x 7. Soil sampling supplies are available with a Midwest Laboratories Account. Opening a new account, takes only  a couple of minutes at most.

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