IMG_5617.jpgI came across a good article, “Managing soil on a new farm” by Sonja Begemann

The article highlights soil pH, and Cation-Exchange Capacity, two important analysis values that can help growers manage the nutrients in their soil. If you would like more information, If you want more informaiton on this topic, consider downloading a copy of the Maximizing Lab Analyses eBook and learn how soil testing can play a valuble role in increasing your yields.  {{cta(‘4716bb21-cf31-4ab6-a196-7c3e4d57cd7c’)}}

With the beginning of March,  we are starting to see an increase in soil sample volumes and soil sampling supplies. If you need sampling supplies, now is the time to place your order. We also have some soil probes in stock, but the last couple of years probes have sold out very quickly. If you have a Midwest Laboratories Account, you can order online and bill it to your account. 

It is all about looking at ways to maximize your yield,if you have questions, please feel free to contact us. (Many options)