out today’s soil temperature map and you will see that our soil temperatures are much higher than normal. Check out today’s soil temperature map link and key, (Source:

Many growers follow soil tempearture maps closely. I have included a link to Oregon State’s Soil Temperature Chartfor growing different produce. 

As far as I am concerned, I will continue to watch the forecast and stick to planting early, (After April 20, 2016 – Corn and Sybeans). It is way too early in this part of the country and a late snow or hard frost is very possible. 

As a city dweller, I will watch my lawn and not take it out of dormancy till April at the earlienst. 

The only concern I have is rain. It is very dry in Eastern Nebraska and it may take some good watering once things begin to green up. Getting roots established in April and May is imperative to growing a thick lawn or establishing a garden.  

A number of growers are taking advantage of the great weather to analyze their soils in their fields and gardens.  {{cta(’20ed9fbf-10ce-4d5c-ba6f-0e0b932ca7f2′)}}

In addition, consider looking closer at the Maximizing Yield with Lab Analyes Publication for helpful advice. {{cta(‘2d9651ca-f2f4-4b22-a04c-b84cdb0ef00e’)}}