pumpkin-59764_640.jpgThe last few days I have noticed some new accounts looking at soil testing for growing large pumpkins. I have worked with some pumpkin growers and I have learned it is quite an art and science. The best part, is pumpkin growers really look at their soil testing numbers and understand their nutrients quite well, especially growers looking to grow large pumpkins for contests. 

I really like this pumpkin grower website, “All about Pumpkins“.  It gives specifics with respect to planting and harvesting. Pumpkins have a relatively short mature period, between 85 – 125 days to mature.  Most growers start planting the first week of June. 

Now is a good time for a soil test. The Lawn and Garden Soil Test is a complete nutrient test that is popular with pumpkin growers. Find out your nutrient levels in your soil today and start getting the soil ready for planting in June.