The beautiful weather outside has us thinking (and hoping) spring has sprung in the Midwest. Already, the birds are starting to chirp, the grass is turning greener, and the bugs are beginning their comeback tour. It is now the time to start thinking about all the fresh produce that is going to come out of the garden this year. But where does a person start?

If you have an existing garden spot or are planning a new one, it would be a good idea to take a look at your soils. The soil is where life begins. It provides nutrients and serves as a foundation for your plants. If your soil is healthy and vibrant, your plants have a better opportunity to grow and produce healthy, fresh produce. A professional soil test can tell you the organic matter content, soil pH, salt levels, and a variety of important minerals; more than a simple test kit.  Knowing where your soil starts, will give you a better idea of what plants will grow well and how much to fertilize. Too much fertilizer could result in fertilizer burn and cause plants to wilt and leaves to brown. This is due to the accumulation of fertilizer salts in plant tissues. If the fertilizer is under applied, the plants can reach a nitrogen deficiency and develop chlorosis, a yellowing of the leaves and stems.  Either condition will severely hinder your plants ability to produce quality produce. Knowing your soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels gives you an idea of how much fertilizer you need on your garden. A professional soil test can also help troubleshoot a whole host of plant issues.

The soil test requires taking samples 4-6 inches deep in several spots in your yard or garden; then combining them to fill the sample bag to approximately 2 cups. Then sending the sample with a prepaid shipping label (included) to our laboratory for analysis. Results are available within 3 days the sample is received. Once you receive your results, utilize your specific access code on your results page with our fertilizer calculator at to determine the necessary fertilizer rates for you lawn or garden.

So, if you’re dreaming of the fresh crisp lettuce, bright, plump tomatoes and deep, full sized potatoes this summer, give your garden a starting point with a soil test today. The same professional soil test can be ordered for flower gardens or lawns as well!

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