Flax SeedCheck out this weeks story in the USAToday, “Academies of Science finds GMOs not harmful to human health” by Elizabeth Weise

Genetically engineered crops are safe for humans and animals to eat and have not caused increases in cancer, obesity, gastrointestinal illnesses, kidney disease, autism or allergies, an exhaustive report from the National Academies of Science released Tuesday found.

An interesting perspective. This study was quite thorough and looked at data back to the 1990’s.  Midwest Laboratories conducts GMO Analysis on crops: alfalfa, corn, canola, flax, potato and soy.

The following video gives an overview of the article.


Midwest Laboratories conducts GMO analysis. See the following brochure.

In addition, Midwest Laboratories is a member of the Non-GMO Project which certifies laboratories that conduct GMO Analysis. For more information, please submit your question online or send us an email and we would be happy to answer your questions regarding GMO Analysis.