FSMA Partner LaboratoryMany Food Producers are looking at their HACCP Plans, Food Safety Protocols and the FSMA, (Food Safety Modernization Act)  Regulations and trying to update their procedures to meet the requirements of FSMA. In talking to a number of food producers and educators, it is apparent that many people understand the requirements of the regulations.

Sections of the FSMA Regulation indicate that an outside laboratory may be needed to insure validation of a company’s product. Some laboratories are developing plans to help companies get on a regular schedule of testing. In my experience with regulations like FSMA, I find that the government has given companies the latitude to develop their own  Food Safety Programs as long as they meet the requirements of FSMA.

At Midwest Laboratories, we prefer to work with our customers as a partner through this process. We will work with company representatives to do the following:

  1. First and Foremost, Midwest Laboratories, MWL  is about analysis.
  2. MWL representatives can provide guidance with respect to FSMA regulations. A number of our staff have attended FSMA conferences
  3. MWL provides results to help meet customers needs. Customers can access their analysis data on the  MWL website 24×7.
  4. MWL provides sampling containers for food ingredients, plants, water and soil for analysis
  5. MWL also provides substantial shipping discounts and free pickup to its clients for ground and overnight service.
  6. MWL provides a client service staff that can answer your questions in a timely manner.
  7. MWL provides a wide array of analysis from its 10-building campus: soil, water, food, waste water, plants, pesticides, microbiology screen

If you would like to learn more, please contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories or open an account today.