Welcome to the new, midwestlabs.com site!

This process started in May 2016 and came to fruition in January 2017. This site is the cornerstone of a new client experience.

The new site will allow users the ability to find analysis information faster, with fewer clicks. One of the best parts of the site is the fact it is mobile responsive. Today, many people do not spend a lot of time on websites. For this reason, we wanted a site with a lot of content organized in a way that was easy to search and access.

I would invite you to take a look at the site and experience for yourself the power of searching for specific information and at the same time seeing related information.

Today’s new website release is just a start. In the near future, the client portal will also be updated with a new look and new functionality.

One of the new focuses of this website is the further breakout of industries Midwest Laboratories serves.

Agriculture, Environmental, Animal Feed, Pet Food, Food, Fuel, Home/Small Business