In January we unveiled a whole new website look.  It is our goal going forward to continue to provide visitors with as much analysis information we can provide on analysis, method, turnaround time and cost. If you are looking for a particular analysis, consider going to our test section and locating your specific analysis. Taking on a project of this nature is a lot of work when we are talking about a lot of content. If there is something that you cannot find, please let us know. We want to continue building a better experience, and we have received some great comments from our clients. Thank You!

In 2017, we are going to look closer at the industries we serve. At Midwest Laboratories we serve a wide variety of clients, and we are working to meet the needs of these different industries.


Controlling costs seems to be the theme. Soil testing can help with this process. Many of our clients test their soil before planting. Consider ordering your soil sampling supplies today ahead of the rush that usually occurs in March. Supplies can be ordered online with your client account.


Some clients are looking at their current sampling projects for 2017. If you are looking at some new environmental project work for 2017, please provide us with the questions you need from an environmental testing standpoint. Our environmental division has certification for analysis in many states, and we would like to assist you. We work with municipalities, engineering companies, and private entities in analyzing their soil, water, and wastewater.

Animal Feed

In 2017, this area has taken off with the recent growth of the cattle, poultry and pork industry. We see a lot of feed testing in the area of feed quality, GMO testing, and DDG market.  We also see more analysis in the area of mycotoxin analysis.


Food allergen testing is becoming more popular with the growth of gluten-free food production.  Also, we see an increase in shelf life studies and nutritional labels. If you have questions regarding food analysis, please talk to a representative today.


The ethanol industry has recently had to comply with a new, Sulfur for Tier III Regulation. We are working with our ethanol clients in setting up a monthly program which sends supplies and appropriate shipping labels for shipping the product to Midwest Laboratories for analysis. If you want more information, please call or request more information on our website.

Pet Food

In 2016, our staff made advances in the areas of pesticide analysis, meat speciation, vitamins, and amino acids. Also, our new, microbiology laboratory can handle large microbiology analysis. If you would like more information, please contact Jamie Wood at 402.590.2964. We will also have a booth at the upcoming Pet Food Forum in April.

Home/Small Business (New for 2017)

We receive many analysis requests from people in this sector. If you are looking at starting a new small baking company out of your home or you want help with the right soil amendments for your garden, consider checking out our analysis in this section. If you cannot find a particular analysis, please ask. The analysis you are looking for may be listed under a method name you are not familiar with.


At Midwest Laboratories, we are working closely with the changes in our administration and the impact it will have on our clients. We are seeing a lot of legislation being written that will have an impact on our customers. It is our goal to provide our clients with the necessary analysis information for them to make business decisions. We will continue to look at improving our processes and more important, developing simpler,  processes to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society.

We are working on some innovative projects that we hope to complete in 2017 that we feel will help our clients in the future. We also know the best way to grow is together. For this reason, we welcome your comments. If you have questions, please take a minute and send us your feedback.

Growing Together in 2017

Brent Pohlman | President