Spring is almost here. This past month we’ve had a slight taste of spring/summer with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. It has made for an exciting February. Soil sample volumes are up with the warmer temperatures. The Animal Feed Laboratory is almost completed. Once complete, the Animal Feed Laboratory will have its receiving, sample preparation, and analysis in one building.  Our IT Department moved into their new location which will allow them to serve our 10-building campus more efficiently.

Our shipping department continues to send out soil sampling supplies and environmental collection cooler kits. Many companies have discovered the convenience of setting up recurring weekly, monthly or quarterly orders for better management.


In 2016, we analyzed over 5,000+ soil health samples. If you are considering this analysis, look at our soil health report and find out how our soil health analysis can assist you. If you want to know more about the agriculture analysis offered, check out our Agriculture Fee Schedule. This past month, we opened our new Nematode Extraction and Reading area. This new space will allow us to continue to service the large nematode projects that typically occur in the summer.


Some clients are looking at their current sampling projects for 2017. If you are looking at some new environmental project work for 2017, check out our analysis offerings in the Environmental Fee Schedule. Monitoring wells is a priority for many companies and public utilities. As the first quarter of 2017 approaches, many companies contract this work out with sampling teams. If you have questions in this area, please contact Heather Ramig. Also, many well owners examine their private wells. If you need well water kits, contact Rob Ferris.

Animal Feed

Midwest Laboratories is a couple of months from completing a whole new feed building for receiving, prepping and analyzing feed samples. Check out our Animal Feed Analysis Fee Schedule.


Midwest Laboratories is a member of the Non-GMO Project Approved Testing Laboratories for GMO Analysis. We see increased sample volumes in the areas of meat speciation and food allergens. Check out more in our Food Analysis Fee Schedule.


The ethanol industry has recently had to comply with a new, Sulfur for Tier III Regulation. We are working with our ethanol clients in setting up a monthly program which sends supplies and appropriate shipping labels for shipping the product to Midwest Laboratories for analysis. If you want more information, please call or visit our website.

Pet Food

In 2016, our staff made advances in the areas of pesticide analysis, meat speciation, vitamins, and amino acids. Also, our new, microbiology laboratory can handle extensive microbiology analysis. If you would like more information, please contact Jamie Wood at 402.590.2964 or  We will also have a booth at the upcoming Pet Food Forum in April.

Home/Small Business (New for 2017)

We receive many analysis requests from people in this sector. If you are looking at starting a new small baking company out of your home or you want help with the right soil amendments for your garden, consider checking out our analysis in this section. If you cannot find a particular analysis, please ask. We are receiving some requests for home gardeners who would like to maximize the production of their gardens. Consider the lawn and garden test. Soil sampling supplies are available; please contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories.


In March, we typically see a lot of project bid work. If you have a project that requires information regarding analysis and pricing, please contact one of our Account Managers.

We are working on some innovative projects that we hope to complete in 2017 that we feel will help our clients in the future. We also know the best way to grow is together. For this reason, we welcome your comments. If you have questions, please take a minute and send us your feedback.

Growing Together in 2017

Brent Pohlman | President