Welcome to April. The recent rainfall will soon have grass, trees and plants budding. The recent warm winter has accelerated these activities along with the current soil temperatures, (See Map) which are quite warm for this time of year.

From an analysis perspective, the lab areas at Midwest Laboratories are always evaluating current instrumentation and are always looking to upgrade in the future. This past month, three representatives from Midwest Laboratories attended Pittcon 2017. We feel it is critical as a laboratory to continually evaluate our analysis needs and find ways to improve analysis by enhancing quality output and turnaround time.


At Midwest Laboratories, we focus on providing shipping options for our clients. It is critical for our customers to have quick, economical delivery of samples to the laboratory. We work hard with our shipping vendors to provide customers with benefits to help them transport samples from their location to the lab. Here are some of the advantages we offer clients through our “return label shipping programs.”

UPS – Flat Rate, $10.50 Ground Service for packages up to 50 pounds; Packages can be dropped off at any UPS Pickup location. Overnight Shipping available for $50.00 up to 50 lbs.

FedEx- Flat Rate $10.50 Ground Service for packages up to 50 lbs, Free Pickup from any location; Schedule Pickup Online at, Overnight Special Rate of $25.00 for package up to 10 pounds from anywhere in the United States.

Spee-Dee – Flat Rate $10.00 for packages up to 50 lbs, Free Pickup, Online Scheduling at, One-day ground service from SD, ND, IA, NE, MN, IL -Northern part, Also service WI. Hazmat Shipping also available for $25.00

For more information, please contact a member of client service or account manager staff.

Spring Soil Testing is Here

Spring soil testing sample volumes continue to remain high for this time of the year, 5000+ a day. Soil sampling supplies are also being sent out in large quantities. It is not unusual to see 5-10,000 soil bags being sent out in a day. Also, we are in our second year of our upgraded, “BROWN” boxes which can carry the additional weight of heavy, wet spring samples.  Some growers are also looking at the soil health analysis. Over the last six months, we have worked on improving processes and upgrading equipment to improve turnaround times on these type of analysis.

Garden soil testing is a favorite topic in spring. Many people are looking to test the soil for lead contamination. Midwest Laboratories performs the lead in soil analysis. Simply collect a cup of soil, (using gloves) no deeper than 6 inches and place it in a sealed container and send it to Midwest Laboratories. I would recommend the Heavy Metals Screen – (Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium) $60.00.  Also, we have our Lawn & Garden Analysis Package which is very popular for looking at soil and determining the appropriate nutrient application for garden produce and spring yard planning.

More Online Enhancements Coming

A new online experience is coming very soon for current Midwest Laboratories clients.  This new experience is close to being completed, and it will allow our users a much more robust experience in the areas of

  • submitting sample paperwork,
  • accessing report data
  • ordering supplies
  • making payments
  • managing client profiles

and much more. Stay tuned for more information coming in the next few months.

Building Tomorrow Together

Brent Pohlman | President