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Summer Surge in soil and plant samples.

Soil and plant sample volumes continue to remain high. It is apparent that growers are trying to find ways to maximize their investment in the crops they have planted. Sample analysis in the areas of soil, plant and soil health are holding on particularly strong. In addition, cyst and plant parasitic nematode testing are also higher than recent years.

IFT17 -Institute for Food Technology

Midwest Laboratories Associates have attended this conference for the past few years and this year we were excited to visit with a number of current clients. One of the areas we continue to have discussions on with clients is the new regulations associated with FSMA. There are a number of changes with respect to nutritional labeling.  The following white paper, Helpful Hints for Preparing Nutrition Facts Labels was prepared by Jane Caldwell, Assistant Technical Director at Midwest Laboratories.

New Client Portal

Many of you are discovering a new interface for viewing report data and ordering analysis. Depending on the analysis you are viewing, you will see some new looks in the are of managing your account, accessing report information and ordering supplies. This process continues to be an ongoing process and it will continue into 2018. If you have questions about finding information or navigating through the new system, please contact your account manager or a member of our client services team.

Some General Reminders

Water samples – Please make sure your water samples are on “ice” in order to keep your samples cool with the warm summer temperatures. Also, make sure your ice is packed in a Midwest Laboratories bag or a sealable bag. Loose ice can often cause problems during the shipping process.

Plant samples – Please make sure paperwork is included in a Ziploc bag. Sometimes paperwork can get wet because of the plant moisture.

InfoAg – Please stop by our booth at Booth 45 on July 25-27, 2017 in St. Louis.

Have a Question? – Please consider calling in or sending us your question. Please go to our – – > Contact Us Page

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