One month is in the books for 2018. I look forward to the Super Bowl every year as it showcases the best teams in the NFL. It is a big event, and the buildup to the game always amazes me. An exciting time of the year.

This past month it has been fascinating to see companies investing more in food safety analysis and product quality analysis. This was evident in the areas of food and animal feed.

Also, we have seen more sample volumes in the areas of soil health and more research and development work in the area of food ingredients and final products.

January and February are specific times of the year when our Field Staff and Associates leave the office to meet clients at various trade shows and conferences. It is a great time of the year to connect with clients and learn more about our clients’ analysis needs.  I would encourage you to look for our booths and engage with our representatives.

Client Portal

Many of our clients are beginning to see the value of our online portal functionality where analysis can be accessed, and administration is in the hands of our clients. The clients can control who can receive reports, billings and order supplies. It makes sense that clients be in control of these processes to better manage the process.

If you would like someone to show you these functions, simply talk to a representative today or let us know when we can follow up with you.


February will be a big month at Midwest Laboratories as we continue to put together some big initiatives for 2018. At this point, I can tell you that our managers and associates are digging in and looking at ways to take our analysis processes to another level.

In the coming months, we will have some major announcements that will significantly improve the way we serve our clients.  It is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to rolling out these new offerings in the months to come.

Driving Smart Decisions

Brent Pohlman | President