Developing a Healthy Lawn

Are you looking to get your lawn ready for a May Graduation event or end of school get together?  Overseeding in April can help you achieve a healthy lawn.

Soon the temperatures will creep past 70 degrees and with that, the ground temperature will warm quickly. Now is the time to consider putting on a pre-emergent fertilizer to help stop the spread of crabgrass. However, maybe you were one of those people like myself who doesn’t like overseeding in the fall. By the way, this is the best time to overseed your lawn.

It’s not too late, and I have found quite a bit of success overseeding in the spring. Typically, I like to put a pre-emergent down in the first part of April and then wait about 3-4 weeks and add some seed. This is an ideal time because the grass is starting to grow with the April rains. At the end of April, beginning of May, I will buy some good, quality grass seed and overseed the lawn and water it into the ground. After about 2 – 3 weeks, a stronger, thicker yard appears.

If you have lots of bare spots, I would recommend making the investment and buying some sod. Sod, when watered-in can really develop fast during the mid-April, mid-May time frame.

Overseeding in the spring can work well if applied in a timely manner and watered on a regular basis.

photo credit: halfrain via photopin cc