Trust that gut-feeling again.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are hands-on in; all require a proactive mindset. Teachers must be proactive in their teaching styles to stay ahead of the technological advancements in the way humans learn and retain information. Accountants must be proactive in their financial endeavors to anticipate the economy’s ups and downs. Bar managers must anticipate social trends to create unique experiences to keep new and loyal customers coming back. Farmers have to keep their crops and livestock healthy and robust to continue producing year after year.

Recent Years.

In recent years consumers have demanded farmers be more transparent with their process. As a consumer, I am always aware of the labels on the food I am ingesting. However, I never considered the larger picture that is farming. Growing up in Omaha I never spent time working a field or tending to animals. It never occurred to me to think about the animals before they became the delicious piece of meat on my plate. These animals were bred to be produced; what they consume is just as important as what they taste like after the process through which they arrive in my stomach. Causes like, “The World Demand for Antibiotic Stewardship,” “The Kemin Clean Up Program” and the tests that Midwest Labs offer are means through which farmers can stay proactive within their industry.


Antibiotics were the most cost-efficient way to ensure the quality of our meats, but recent research has shown that pumping our livestock with these antibiotics creates vulnerability long term for the animal’s gut health. It weakens their immune systems opening them up to a range of bacterial diseases. Doing things like running tests on animal feed and livestock water supply has improved this issue. The tests allow farmers to stay proactive and confident their livestock are safe from contamination in things like food and water.

According to Feedstuffs article, Research targets antibiotic stewardship through improved gut health, “Healthy livestock, good stewardship of antibiotics and wholesome food supply are the ultimate goals for both producers and consumers.” Taking the extra steps to ensure the health of the livestock will keep everyone involved stomachs at ease. Midwest Labs offers a range of tests to help provide you with the tools to take part in these efforts. Refer to the link below for more information.



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