Organic farming is a high risk and high reward method of agriculture. For some the risk too much, such as not knowing your crop’s quality before selling at the elevator and the possibilities for cross-contamination from neighboring fields. These are some things that troubled the mind of Yield Organic CEO, Thea O’Carrol when she decided to pursue organic farming.

One mistake when planting, maintaining, or harvesting could completely devastate a farmer for a whole year. Thea, fortunately, was able to dodge her misfortune in her early years of beginning to produce non-genetically engineered crops. However, it did come close enough to make an impression. Thea now has tactics in place, such as logging every time an instrument is used on the crop and cleaning an instrument before every use (read Thea’s complete story here).

Thea wanted to be sure that she never experienced the same frustration she did at the elevator her first time going to sell her yield. That is when she came to us here at Midwest Labs. She gave our GMO specialist Brian Hodges a call and together they worked out a plan for her to test her crop’s quality. We were able to supply Thea the results to properly negotiate with buyers. Thea has since transitioned to owning an organic marketplace that connects buyers to sellers, where she offers resources and personal experience in the industry.

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