It’s that time of year where the food comes in bulk, leftovers are plentiful, and friends and family gather to catch up on the year.

At Midwest Laboratories we know how important Thanksgiving food is on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving brings out the families special recipes and traditional dishes. And let us not forget the sheer quantity. We want to assume it’s a coincidence that year-over-year one in six Americans end up sick due to the food they eat and the way it’s prepared over Thanksgiving. Who can blame aunt Sue and Uncle Mike for cooking their world famous stuffing every year? We know their love was in the cooking but did they take the proper safety measures to help you keep that stuffing down.

Midwest Labs understands it’s the simple reminders that help keep us safe. Being a laboratory analysis company, we have seen and heard the gamut of illness and disease stories that sprout from poor food preparation. The holidays are primarily a time to feast and feast again, so take into consideration the food safety suggestions we have pooled together for you.

–    Start clean and end clean in your cooking and serving areas. Some illnesses can be airborne.

–    Wash hands before and after handling each ingredient.

–     Safely thaw your turkey and remove the turkey from the bag so no juice splatters.

–    Cook food thoroughly. List of proper internal cooking temperatures for all proteins

–    Be sure not to let food sit out for longer than two hours without keeping at a hot or cold temperature. Pathogens multiply in room temperature environments.

Too many times these easily applied food safety practices are ignored, and someone gets the short end of the stick. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen this year. Check out the links for in-depth information on each tip. You might be surprised by the ways those germs work their way around.

For information on foods to avoid if you are pregnant or expecting:

For information on food safety when it comes to potlucks and other food gatherings:

Happy reading and have a wonderful holiday!