It is Tradeshow season for the agriculture industry, and we have eyes and ears in AZ.

This week we caught up with Field Representative Jim Grilliot to hear how his time at the annual Kansas Association of Independent Crop Consultants meeting went this past week.

“I was able to visit with numerous existing clients and also meet some prospective clients.  All in attendance were able to listen to several presenters discussing a variety of topics to assist consultants and industry representatives in helping growers make sound agronomic decisions in 2019.  Topics included:

  • Making smart planting decisions: Timing – just because the calendar says it’s time to plant, doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to plant. Decrease your ground speed when planting and make sure you are planting at the correct depth. Vary plant population across your farm to minimize risk. Make the right equipment choices (planters/drills) and make adjustments to equipment when conditions change and dictate as such.
  • Starter Fertilizer: We are aware of the benefits of starter fertilizers, whether in-furrow or 2×2, but are there additional fertilizers/products that would increase your ROI.  Do you have micronutrients in your starter blend?
  • Cover Crops: We have heard about using cover crops to increase microbial activity in our soil, but have you thought about how you increase your fertility in soil depths beyond the 6-8 inch depth in a no-till system?  Perhaps cover crops can assist you in that endeavor.
  • Foliar applications: Try these applications to improve ROI.
  • Fungicide Use: Be smart with the timing of fungicide applications during the growing season.  You may need multiple applications.
  • Insecticides: In-furrow applications to help get your crop off to a great start.
  • Herbicides: Continued discussion regarding increased Dicamba and 2,4-D applications.  Also, new chemistries coming with the next decade.
  • Humic and Fulvic Acid: Benefits they have in stimulating crop response.”

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