Cold winter on the farm

A month in the books and we are closer to warmer temperatures as the past few weeks have been unusually cold.

Getting Simple

Our team is digging in and examining processes that touch our clients. We are looking at ways to improve how we receive samples, paperwork and the receipt of the samples. The objective is to see where we can bring some more efficiencies to the process, to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Also, we are looking at our current technologies to see where we can add additional quality. I think this is critical. Many methods today are complex, and often quality is built-in toward the end of the process. We are looking at ways to add additional quality control in the front end.

Working with our clients

As I talk to our clients, it is apparent that our clients are building systems that are robust concerning receiving analysis data and management decisions. As a result, we are focusing on this area to help design and develop systems that can be used to better facilitate the distribution of data to a variety of systems.


This past month, I have met with some clients and attended trade shows. Through those conversations, I believe laboratory analysis is playing a significant role in key management decisions. I think it is essential for our team to continue to understand our clients’ needs concerning how they are using the analysis data so we can help facilitate the analysis for support. We are developing a long list of ways to help facilitate this process, and we will continue to solicit feedback from our clients in 2019 in this area. More to come on this topic in the future.

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Brent Pohlman
Chief Executive Officer