The long winter is now in the history books as alfalfa and winter wheat break their dormancy. The Top-dress applications of Nitrogen & Sulfur blends have begun on winter wheat acres across CO, Western NE, and KS before April showers.

Phosphate & Potassium applications on established alfalfa are underway as hay producers follow nutrient recommendations based off of their most current soil sample reports.  Also, the 2019 planting season is just around the corner, this is exciting news!

Many social network sites are starting to see more posts that include #Plant2019 as those involved with crop production documenting their efforts in this annual event. Optimism is starting to build for the 2019 planting season. Also, ag retailers, crop consultants, and growers have their equipment ready. In addition, seed deliveries contain the latest hybrids/varieties. Pre-plant fertilizer and herbicide applications have been reviewed awaiting the green light.

Soil fertility matters

Midwest Laboratories is in position to assist with soil analysis. Especially if you have clients that acquired new acres this spring and want to get a handle on the soil’s fertility levels.

Current soil test values are critical components of any cropping system. This allows for wise investment of budgeted dollars, placing fertilizer and soil amendments where they have the most significant ROI.

The 4R’s of nutrient stewardship is grounded in the data from soil analysis. Ag retailers and consultants are finding opportunity in the fact that the new Farm Bill provides funds for 4R implementation.

Please see the following link discussing this part of the new farm bill.

Conference season

The conference season is nearly over as March rolls into April. Midwest Laboratories field representatives have attended some industry events across our trade territories. Representing Midwest Laboratories across such a diverse market place is exciting. Because, on March 7th– 8th I got to attend the Western Nutrient Management Conference in Reno, NV. The number of crops represented at the conference was incredible as they varied across almonds, apples, blueberries, potatoes and quinoa production. Furthermore, the presentations address the ed adoption of bio-stimulants, benefits of humic products, efficient nutrient management under drip irrigation and revising plant tissue levels. Also, the presentation on revising plant tissue level of blueberries across Washington was most intriguing to me as University staff strive to increase yields and quality. Proceedings from the conference can be found via the IPNI link. https://conference.ipni.net/conference/wnmc/wnmc2019.nsf/0/86DC4FF69D266479852583590065C3B7/$FILE/WNMC-2019-Proceedings.pdf

Plant tissue sampling and analysis

Are you ready? Do you or your staff need a refresher on the correct tissue sampling methods?

I will be training retail staff and interns across parts of my territory through April and May.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule a training date to review the do’s and don’ts of tissue sampling.

Soil Testing

Joe Sisco