Not An Ordinary Spring Rush                                               

In the agriculture industry, the spring months generally bring about more items on a To Do List than hours in the day.  Due to the extreme winter, and the repercussions of said extreme winter, retailers and growers alike, have found that their list of duties has grown to epic proportions.  My recent travel, phone conversations and just a quick view of #Ag Twitter, I have truly witnessed the stress level that has begun to take place throughout the Midwest and plains region.

Winter Wheat Crop

The winter wheat crop looks good overall, in the plains region.  For the week ending March 31, the USDA says 56% of the 2018/2019 winter wheat crop, is in good to excellent condition.  Another 35% of the crop is rated fair, and 9% coming in at poor to very poor.  These numbers will surely be adjusted in the next 30 days, as recent warming trends and drying conditions have allowed growers and retailers in the southern plains region to evaluate nitrogen needs to finish the crop, assess the disease pressure, and just finally have a better feel for the overall potential of the crop.  The northern plains are experiencing a modest drying trend and an encouraging weather forecast moving forward.

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