Hi everyone! My name is Megan Fonfara and I’m the Client Onboarding Specialist at Midwest Labs. My role at the lab is to help our partners get started and submit their samples. I offer training on the MyLab Portal, help answer questions about shipping, supplies, and analysis packages. Ultimately, I work to create a seamless onboarding experience for all of our clients. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “how do I get started” so I’ve made a quick guide on how to create an account with Midwest Labs and create your submittal paperwork. Check out the step by step process and some hidden features to the MyLab Portal also on our Youtube Channel.

The Mylab portal allows all of our clients to retrieve their results electronically, download multiple reports to one excel document, view invoices, as well as create and print sample submission paperwork. It’s one platform that can host multiple users, or allow you to switch between accounts if your company has several locations. 

Four Easy Steps to Create a New Account:  

  • Step 2: Click on “New Client? Create an account”
  • Step 3: Fill out all required fields in the New User Registration process and click ‘register’ a registration email will be sent directly to you.
  • Step 4: Check your email to verify your account.

And just like that you have created your account with Midwest Laboratories. Now, you’re ready to submit a sample, view your reports, and check for invoices!

The MyLab portal also holds an online version of our sample submittal forms.

All samples that arrive at Midwest Labs must have a completed submittal form so we’ve made it easy to complete online and print to include with your shipped samples.

Here are 10 steps to complete your sample submittal form on the MyLab Portal

Step 1: Click Submit Samples from the dark blue dashboard on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Select your report format ‘One report per order’ or “one report per sample” from the dropdown menu located above ‘sample type ‘


Quick Hint:  This allows you to select if each sample you’re submitting should have its results reported on their own or if all the samples you’re submitting should have their results reported together on one form.

Step 3: Choose a Sample Type Category or Industry from the dropdown menu under “sample type”

You will be able to select an industry of agriculture, pet food, animal feed, environmental, food and ingredient, fuel, or small business.

Step 4: Next, select your sample type from the second drop down menu

The sample types available will correspond with the industry you selected.
Ex. Industry > Agriculture & Sample Type > soil

Quick Tip: Are you submitting multiple samples? By clicking the green plus sign, you can “copy a sample” and prevent yourself from repeating the same step twice.

A pop up window will appear and ask you how many additional samples you’ll be sending to Midwest Labs. Type in your number and hit ok. These samples will be added to your submittal form.

Step 5: Enter the Sample Description in the box underneath the sample type you selected.

Quick Tip: this will appear as the header of your report

Step 6: Type in your Sample ID. Examples include the name of the product/formula, the field name or address, or a description (ex. Dry Kibble – Lot #1234)

Quick Tip: Sample ID is how you differentiate your samples from one another. This will also be how they’re labeled on your report.

Step 7: Select the analysis you’d like us to test for at Midwest Labs under the “Standard Packages” listing in the tests drop-down menu.  Individual testing will appear under “Other Analysis” 

Quick Tip: The grey triangle is a dropdown list – click this to view all options. For a description of test packages refer to our schedule of fees or visit our website at midwestlabs.com.
The tests you select will move underneath the test dropdown with an ‘x’

Step 8: Enter the Date and Time you collected the sample by clicking the calendar.

Quick Hint: enter the time your sample was collected in 24-hour time formatt

Step 9: Review your order – by clicking the “Review Order” button on the bottom right.

Step 10: Now you’re ready to ship your samples to Midwest Labs. 

For any questions while filling out this form please give me a call and I’ll walk you through the process. Interested in a training for your entire team? Call or email me to schedule a training session.

Don’t forget to subscribe to see more educational materials we’ll be producing throughout the year. Visit our Youtube channel to see a live tutorial of the MyLab Portal and the submission process.

Megan Fonfara, Client Onboarding Specialist