Now that you know how to submit samples on the MyLab Portal, let’s discuss a few other features you can use. The MyLab Portal is a useful resource to view your lab reports, view and pay your invoices, and add other users to your dashboard. Here are the step by step instructions below!

View Reports:

  • Once your testing is completed, you can view your results by clicking on View Reports on the left side, select your date range and hit search.
  • Once you find the report you wish to view, click on results button. You can also view the submittal form by clicking on order form.


At Midwest Labs, we will invoice you the month following your sample testing. During the first week of the following month you will receive notification of your payment due.

  • Click on View Invoices.
  • Once you find your invoice, click on the blue invoice button to view, and the green pay invoice button to make your payment.
  • Add or select a credit card that you have previously added and select Process Order to complete your payment.

If you have questions regarding your invoice, please contact Midwest Labs at 402-334-7770.

Adding Users:

You may need to add your coworkers to the MyLab Portal with their own appropriate permission levels ranging from full admin rights, ordering tests, viewing reports, ordering supplies and billing. As the admin on the portal, you will have the ability to add and assign roles as necessary.

  • Click on the Account Management tab on the left-hand side.
  • Add the user’s email and click on the green add user button.
  • You can then assign them permissions and click save permissions.
    • Account Admin: all access
    • Order Tests
    • View Reports
    • Order Supplies
    • Billing
  • User will receive an email to finish registration and log in to MyLab.

If you have any questions on how to view your reports, view and pay invoices or add users to your portal, please reach out to me directly for additional training.

Login to MyLab Portal

Megan Fonfara

Client Onboarding Specialist