Welcome Back!

Now that we have discussed how to submit a sample, view reports and view and pay for invoices, lets discuss a few other benefits for you to utilize on our portal. You can conveniently print off your shipping labels, schedule a package pickup, and order any necessary supplies to submit your next sample! Here are the step by step instructions below.

Shipping Labels

Click on Shipping Labels on the left-hand side of your MyLab Portal.

From there you can choose between UPS and FedEx options by selecting the checkbox next to your choice. This will add the shipping costs to your total below.

Click on the Print Labels button.

Your account will be charged for the label when the package arrives at Midwest Labs.

Here is the label with instructions for you to print.

You can also schedule a package pickup from our portal by clicking on Schedule Pickup from the left-hand side.

There are instructions for pickup on the next page for FedEx. You can choose from FedEx or SpeeDee.

Ensure your information is filled out along with your contact information and correct pickup address.

Click on the blue Schedule Pickup button on the bottom right.

Ordering Supplies

You can also order supplies though the MyLab Portal.

Click on Order Supplies from the left-hand side.

Enter the quantity in the box next to the item you wish to order. This will add the costs to the total on the top right.

You can then click on View Cart

Review your order then click on the Next button on the bottom right to complete your order. Midwest Labs will process your order and ship out your supplies.

As always, if you have any questions about these MyLab Portal features, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I am always happy to help.

Megan Fonfara

Onboarding Specialist