FedEx, Overnight, Shipping

LaVista, NE – Midwest Laboratories announced during the 2018 Agronomy seminar, beginning March 1, 2018, they are launching a new FedEx Overnight Shipping Solution, exclusive for Midwest Laboratories clients. In order to get the data, their clients need to make critical business decisions; Midwest Laboratories will now offer $20 overnight flat rate freight for packages


How to Take a Manure Sample

Benefits of Manure

More than ever, properly managing manure has become a fundamental aspect of farm management. To manage efficiently, analyzing manure for its nutrient composition is strongly suggested. By analyzing your Manure, you get a full understanding of the nutrients your ground is receiving. Send in a fresh sample for the most accurate reading. Try to time


Benefits of Manure & Compost

In 1907, Theodore Roosevelt said, “the nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.” Manure and compost are used as an amendment to improve soil fertility and to add soil quality. It will provide essential nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, as well as enhance the microbial population necessary to release nutrients from the soil as


Salmonella can be found in raw & dry pet foods?

Salmonella, Pet Food

Harmful bacteria Your customers expect raw, dry and canned pet food to be well tested and safe for their pet’s consumption. However, if mishandled, raw, canned and even dry pet food will put your customer and their furry friend at risk of Salmonella or other harmful bacteria. At Midwest Laboratories, we understand that recalls hurt


Driving Smart Decisions – January 2018

Welcome to 2018 At Midwest Laboratories, we are anticipating another exciting year of analysis. In 2017, we updated many laboratory instruments and that investment paid off nicely with the receipt of large volumes of samples in various departments. One of our goals is to identify specific analysis areas that can be updated through technology and


December Update 2017

Celebrating Christmas Together

DRIVING SMART DECISIONS As we close out 2017, plans are being made for 2018. Those plans include upgrades to current lab system processes. Our goal is to continually work at being as efficient as possible. We are currently planning for some major system upgrades that will help us achieve higher standards in the areas of lab


November Update 2017

DRIVING SMART DECISIONS This time of year is critical to our agriculture clients. Many of them are trying to get analysis results in hand, so proper soil nutrient application can occur before winter arrives.  On the animal feed side, we are seeing an increased need for using quality analysis data for making future decisions. Soil


Prioritizing Your Fertility Needs

With grain prices a little lower than they have been in past years we get questions at the laboratory concerning where growers can cut back their fertilizer recommendations. Balancing crop revenue vs fertilizer cost for any given year and a particular grower’s financial situation as well as renting vs land ownership is really outside the


Nutritional Labeling: Upcoming Changes and Regulations

In response to the upcoming nutritional labeling regulations and changes, our Food and Beverage Lab Manager, Stephanie Peterson provided training and answered questions for Grow Nebraska‘s monthly training webinar. She discusses why the changes are happening. As well as what the changes will be, the types of labels available through Midwest Labs. And, how to get