Which lab is the best soil testing laboratory?

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It is an interesting question. Obviously, there are a number of outstanding laboratories. However, the bigger question is the following: What should I be looking for when selecting a soil testing lab? Here are some key differentials to look for: Quality Soil Testing – What should I be looking for with respect to quality at


Food Safety Around the Holidays

It’s that time of year where the food comes in bulk, leftovers are plentiful, and friends and family gather to catch up on the year. At Midwest Laboratories we know how important Thanksgiving food is on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving brings out the families special recipes and traditional dishes. And let us not forget the sheer quantity. We


As the summer is heating up so are the use of reusable water bottles. Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the summer sun. But, are you washing your water bottle properly? KETV News Watch 7 joined us a few weeks ago to see if staff members around their office were cleaning out their water bottles


CropLife Newsletter – Plant Nutrition Today.

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Understanding Soil Acidity Agriculture needs to rely on sustainability to protect long-term soil productivity. Soils from around the world tend to become acidic with time. The tropical climates tend to have more issues with soil acidity. Soil acidity limits crop yields due to the negative impacts on soils physical and biological properties.  Effective use of


Driving Smart Decisions – November Update

November Update It is that time of the year. Harvest is in full swing and the fall cool breeze is back. The leaves have fully turned colors and are quickly making their descent to the ground. In addition, growers are in the field evaluating their current yields and contracts for 2019. At Midwest Laboratories, the


Update from the Field – TaylorAnn Washburn

Snow season in Agriculture

Field Representative, TaylorAnn Washburn gives an update from the southeastern regions of the US.    Missouri While northern Missouri is drying off from the excessive rain earlier in October, southeast Missouri is now taking on the rainstorms. The state has seen the drought of 2018, the flood of 2018, and the blizzard of 2018 –