Reflecting on the Past Growing Season

Soil samples

A word from our Agronomist It has been another challenging harvesting season. Delayed planting dates and early cold temperatures. Snowfall in various areas of the country have slowed down the fall harvest and narrowed the window for soil sampling this fall. Midwest Labs has been busy processing and turning around the data from the soil


Plant Parasitic Nematodes by Jim Grilliot

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Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Corn  Plant parasitic nematodes are microscopic organisms that require living host plant tissue to feed on in order to grow and reproduce.  They live in the soil and feed in or on the corn plants root system. These nematodes can be found in just about every cornfield to varying degrees.  There are


Update from the Field

Weather Woes My last update talked about the weather, and unfortunately, I must bring it up again. Parts of my territory have experienced devastating flooding, and others have been struck by other forms of severe weather. While the light at the end of the tunnel may not seem visible, eventually we’ll dry out, recover, and


Update From The Field – Jim Grilliot

Not An Ordinary Spring Rush                                                In the agriculture industry, the spring months generally bring about more items on a To Do List than hours in the day.  Due to the extreme winter, and the repercussions of said extreme winter, retailers and growers alike, have found that their list of duties has grown to epic


Update from the Field – TaylorAnn Washburn

Snow season in Agriculture

Field Representative, TaylorAnn Washburn gives an update from the southeastern regions of the US.    Missouri While northern Missouri is drying off from the excessive rain earlier in October, southeast Missouri is now taking on the rainstorms. The state has seen the drought of 2018, the flood of 2018, and the blizzard of 2018 –


Update From the Field – Jim Grilliot

Crop Life - Field update

With recent rains, the fall harvest and wheat planting have been put on hold. The rain totals are anywhere from 2-11 inches over the past week to 10 days in Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle. WHEAT & CORN Planted wheat acres are at 50% as of October 10th. With saturated soil and water standing