Best if Used By/Best Before, Sell-By, Use-By

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What does best if used by mean? In my house, I’m notorious for throwing out items when the use-by date reads expired. And, I’m usually in trouble for doing such. Personally, I’ve always erred on the side of caution. My wife, on the other hand, believes it’s important to do a quick sensory test. She


Shelf Life Testing: Understanding the Basics

Shelf Life Testing

What is shelf life testing? Shelf Life testing is a collection of analytical, chemical, microbiological and sensory testing. The objective of shelf life testing is to show how a product changes as it ages. Furthermore, provide information to help you set: use by/sell by/best by and expiration dates. Shelf Life basics The shelf life of


Nutritional Labeling: Upcoming Changes and Regulations

In response to the upcoming nutritional labeling regulations and changes, our Food and Beverage Lab Manager, Stephanie Peterson provided training and answered questions for Grow Nebraska‘s monthly training webinar. She discusses why the changes are happening. As well as what the changes will be, the types of labels available through Midwest Labs. And, how to get


Today Show: Can You Trust the Calorie Counts on Restaurant Menus?

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We are so pleased to share that we had the opportunity to work with the Today show. The segment is called “Can you trust the calorie counts on restaurant menus?”. The Today show provided the meals and spent the morning at our lab capturing our process for determining calorie counts. This video segment ran on