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Midwest Laboratories was built on a foundation of commitment and support for the agricultural industry, and we’ve grown substantially since 1975. Today, we provide analysis and recommendations for irrigation and water quality, fertilizers, soil, manure, fuel, biosolids, sludge, compost and more.

A2LA Accredited Laboratory

CERT #2853.01/.02



Midwest Laboratories serves clients nationwide, analyzing soil, water, plants, manure, fertilizer and a variety of other sample types.

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Midwest Laboratories provides regulatory analysis in a wide variety of environmental areas.

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Animal Feed

Midwest Laboratories provides analysis to commercial livestock producers and commercial manufacturers. In addition, more packages are being added to address FSMA requirements for animal feed.

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Food & Beverage

Midwest Laboratories continues to expand its analytical food testing capabilities in the areas of nutritional labelling, food quality, shelf life testing, and other FSMA related analysis.

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Pet Food

Midwest Laboratories is a leader in the area of pet food and pet treats analysis for producers, co-packers and small business production.

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Midwest Laboratories works with several Ethanol Producers regarding their fuel and DDGs analysis.

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Home & Small Business

Midwest Laboratories provides continues to work with consumers for basic analysis regarding water, lawn, and garden. In addition, specific small business packages continue to be developed in the areas of baking, beer brewing, wine making and hops.

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We’re dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources for all of your agriculture, environmental, animal feed, food and alternative fuel inquiries. These resources are reviewed and updated frequently.