April Update 2017

Introduction Welcome to April. The recent rainfall will soon have grass, trees and plants budding. The recent warm winter has accelerated these activities along with the current soil temperatures, (See Map) which are quite warm for this time of year. From an analysis perspective, the lab areas at Midwest Laboratories are always evaluating current instrumentation


March 2017 update

Spring is almost here. This past month we’ve had a slight taste of spring/summer with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. It has made for an exciting February. Soil sample volumes are up with the warmer temperatures. The Animal Feed Laboratory is almost completed. Once complete, the Animal Feed Laboratory will have its own receiving,


February 2017 Update

In January we unveiled a whole new website look.  It is our goal going forward to continue to provide visitors with as much analysis information we can provide on analysis, method, turnaround time and cost. If you are looking for a particular analysis, consider going to our test section and locating your specific analysis. Taking


Reusable Water Bottles and Bacteria

If you have not read this article, Which Is Dirtier: Your Reusable Water Bottle or a Toilet Seat? by HILLARY EATON Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016, you really should. It is an interesting article and it really drives home the point that reusable water containers should be cleaned periodically. I also like how the article lists different


Lead in Water – Additional Testing

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What are the impacts? Lead in water continues to make the news in communities across the country. Many school officials, business managers, and homeowners are taking steps to discover more about the quality of their water supply. A few months ago, I posted this article, Does Your Water Contain Lead? And we received some inquiries about this


Fire Warning – Linseed Oil

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Have you thought about restoring the woodwork on your deck? If you are thinking about this process, you need to watch the following news story. It really highlights the danger of hot temperatures and flammability. In addition, the video really shows that cloths coated in oils can easily catch on fire because of hot temperatures.


Great Benefits For Fall Soil Grid Sampling Companies

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2016 Fall Soil Sampling To take advantage of our benefits by signing up for a Midwest Laboratories Account. It only takes a couple of minutes. Submit your information online. Most accounts are up the same day they are received. Setup a Midwest Laboratories Account today. With your Midwest Labs accounts, all supply orders are at your convenience.


Your FSMA Partner

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For the past year, I have been reading more and more about the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and all of the changes that will be affecting food growers, producers, and retailers. Three key components: Hazard Analysis Preventive Controls  Produce Safety Midwest Laboratories has invested in new instrumentation, new facilities, and method development to meet