Chromatography Lab


Develop 5-10 new methods each year

Over 100 years combined lab experience including a Ph.D. in Mass Spectrometry

6,000+ analysis per month

Used 250,000 gallons of Liquid Nitrogen since 2007

On staff method development team


The initial intent for the chromatography lab was to support our clients battling herbicide carry over. Since the lab’s inception in 1976, the lab has become a central focus for continuous method development, expanding well beyond herbicide support.

What Happens Here

Through our chromatography lab, Midwest Labs focuses on method development and analytical testing. We utilize 45 unique instruments for chromatographic analysis, including; HPLC, LC/MS/MS, FCFID/ECD, Headspace and GC/MS/MS to produce consistent and repeatable analysis for mycotoxins, Produce antibiotics, pesticides, vitamins, and so much more. Combine the instrumentation with our phenomenal method development team, and you get new tests such as Pentobarbital and Thyroxine, expanding our customers’ option for testing and safety.

Experienced Staff

Tim Penne

Lab Supervisor

Stacey Gutchewsky

Assistant Supervisor, Method Development

Armando Colorado Ph.D.

Method Development

Ann Kumm


Leanna Jaixen

Amino Acids, Antibiotics LCMS

Adam Johnson

Pesticides, Hops

Nicole Andersen

Organic Residue

Nick Wiehl

Red Room (vitamins)

Who Chromatography Labs Supports

  • Food Manufactures + Brands
  • Pet Food Manufacturers + Brands
  • Feeds
  • Ingredients/finished goods/raw materials
  • Growers/Ag dealers