USDA Soil Import Permit

Midwest Laboratories USDA Soil Import Permit.

The USDA permit to import soil is for use under the following guidelines:

For hand carry of soil, an official of CBP Agricultural Programs and Trade Liaison (APTL) would have been notified to document and facilitate the entry of the soil (see hand carry conditions).

  1. Receipt or use of foreign isolates or samples from countries under sanctions requires specific permission from the U.S. Department of Treasury; please refer to
  2. This permit does not authorize importation, interstate movement, possession, and/or use of strains of genetically engineered regulated materials/organisms (created by the use of recombinant DNA technology).
  3. If an Animal Pathogen is identified in your shipment, to ensure appropriate safeguarding, please refer to:
  4. If a human pathogen is identified, please refer to the CDC Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program at
  5. This permit does not fulfill the requirements of other federal or state regulatory authorities. Please contact the appropriate agencies, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Control and Prevention, the APHIS Veterinary Services unit, etc.

Please,  see the full permit for use in shipment of imported soils.

updated 11.5.19