Shelf Life Testing FAQs

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Q: What is shelf life testing?

A: Shelf life testing is a collection of analytical, chemical, microbiological and sensory testing.

Q: What is the objective of shelf life testing?

A: The objective is to show how a product changes as it ages and provide information to help you set: use by/sell by/best by/expiration date.

Q: How do I determine the shelf life of my product?

A: The shelf life of your product is determined when you consider the product to be no longer acceptable to the consumers.

Q: Can you tell me how long my product lasts?

A: Unfortunately, no, there isn’t one singular metric or test that tells you how long your product is good. It is up to you to decide when the product is unacceptable based on the shelf life testing.

Q: How many samples do I need to send you for shelf life testing?

A: Length and frequency of sampling determine how many samples are necessary for the study.

Q: How frequently should the product be tested during the shelf life study?

A: The frequency of testing is up to you. Ideally, it should be proportionate to the shelf life duration that you are testing. If your study is for one week then daily or every-other-day would be a good choice.

Q: Can I send one big sample?

A: Sorry, no, once a sample is opened the packaging has been compromised. Samples are considered one and done due to exposure.

Q: How long should I run a shelf life study on my product?

A: Ideally the shelf life study duration should be longer than you want the product to last. This allows a buffer to protect your product and ensure quality.

Q: What type of testing necessary for my product?

A: The type of testing that you do throughout a shelf life study is highly variable and dependent upon your product. For a complete list of tests call Jordan Sabez 402.590.2985.

Q: How should my product be stored during the study?

A: Your product will be stored at the conditions it will be held at on a retail shelf or in the home.

Q: Is it possible to accelerate my shelf life testing?

Yes, call Jordan for more information 402.590.2985.

Q: What is accelerated shelf life testing?

A: accelerated shelf life testing is when your product is stored in elevated temperature and humidity conditions that emulate a faster passing of time.

Q: Can I run an accelerated shelf life study on anything?

A: No, some products cannot handle the elevated conditions based on innate qualities. For example, refrigerated products or products with a large amount of chocolate cannot sustain accelerated conditions.

For additional information visit our shelf life page or reach out to our Shelf Life expert Jordan Sabez 402.590.2985.