All Natural Pet Treat Package – Pet Food

Analysis Included

Sensory evaluation of foods, Mold count, Yeast, Water activity (at 25 C)

Typical Turnaround Time

30 business days

Sampling Instructions

Please send a sample of the affected product as well as 2 unopened packages of the product for review. If unopened packages are unavailable, please send a minimum of 200 g of product.

This test package is typically used by pet food clients needing to determine if yeast & mold is present in a pet treat that has not been preserved or may not be considered shelf stable. The package will review the presence of yeast and mold via testing procedure, the available water activity, and a 30-day ambient visual review of the product will be conducted.

Testing associated with this package is based on the following methods: FDA/BAM Chapter 18, AOAC 978.18, and a visual sensory analysis.