Biosolids Land Application Test Package Plus TVS – Environmental

Analysis Included

Organic nitrogen, Total volatile solids (TVS), Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), Phosphorus (total), Potassium (total), Sulfur (total), Calcium (total), Magnesium (total), Sodium (total), Iron (total), Manganese (total), Zinc (total), Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Nitrate/Nitrite nitrogen, Arsenic (total), Barium (total), Cadmium (total), Chromium (total), Copper (total), Lead (total), Mercury (total), Molybdenum (total), Nickel (total), Selenium (total), Silver (total), Percent solids, pH, Phosphate P2O5 (calculated), Potash K2O (calculated)

Typical Turnaround Time

6 business days

Sampling Instructions

Specific sampling kits are provided by the laboratory along with instructions for sampling. Please contact a customer service representative at the laboratory for further information.