Complete Fatty Acid Profile – Pet Food

Analysis Included

Butyric (C4:0), Caproic (C6:0), Caprylic (C8:0), Capric (C10:0), Lauric (C12:0), Tridecanoic (C13:0), Myristic (C14:0), Myristoledic (C14:1 Trans), Myristoleic (C14:1 Cis), Pentadecanoic (C15:0), Palmitic (C16:0), Palmitelaidic (C16:1 Trans), Palmitoleic (C16:1 Cis), Heptadecanoic (C17:0), 10-Heptadecanoic (C17:1), Stearic (C18:0), Eliadic (C18:1 Trans), Oleic (C18:1 Cis), Linolelaidic (C18:2 Trans), Linoleic (C18:2 Cis), gamma-Linolenic (C18:3 gamma), Nonadecanoic (C19:0), alpha-Linolenic (C18:3 alpha), Arachidic (C20:0), 11-Eicosenoic (C20:1), 11-14 Eicosadienoic (C20:2), Homo-gamma linolenic (C20:3), 11-14-17 Eicosatrienoic (C20:3), Arachidonic (C20:4), Eicosapentaenoic (C20:5), Heneicosanoic (C21:0), Behenic (C22:0), Erucic (C22:1), Docosadienoic (C22:2), Docosapentaenoic (C22:5), Docosahexaenoic (C22:6), Tricosanoic (C23:0), Lignoceric (C24:0), Nervonic (C24:1), Saturated fat (total), Polyunsaturated fats (total), Monounsaturated fats (total), Trans fatty acids (total), Omega 3 fatty acids (total), Omeg

Typical Turnaround Time

7 business days

Sampling Instructions

Minimum amount of sample needed is 250 grams. Care must be taken in regard to sampling to insure a representative sample is submitted.