Compost Package – Agriculture

Analysis Included

pH, Ammonium nitrogen (total), Moisture, Nitrogen (total), Loss on ignition (OM), Carbon (total), Ash, Nitrate-nitrogen, Potash (K2O), Sulfur (total), Calcium (total), Magnesium (total), Sodium (total), Iron (total), Manganese (total), Copper (total), Zinc (total), Carbon nitrogen ratio C/N, Conductivity 1:5 dilution, Boron (total), Phosphate (P2O5), Chloride

Typical Turnaround Time

6 business days

Sampling Instructions

Sample at different depths and location within the pile to obtain a representative sample of the entire pile. Minimum amount of sample needed is 1/2 pound and can be collected into a quart sized resealable plastic bag.