Update From the Field – Jim Grilliot

Crop Life - Field update

With recent rains, the fall harvest and wheat planting have been put on hold. The rain totals are anywhere from 2-11 inches over the past week to 10 days in Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle. WHEAT & CORN Planted wheat acres are at 50% as of October 10th. With saturated soil and water standing


Mycotoxins Further Explained – GMO Specialist Brian Hodges

Food Lab

With the current weather conditions, we felt it would be appropriate to speak on the development and potential dangers of Mycotoxins. No matter where you are farming, if weather conditions are amiable for mold growth, the chances mycotoxins start to appear in your crops is significantly increased. Molds that are within the Mycophyta family have


Your Car and Freezing Temperatures

Here are some interesting facts regarding your car and cold temperatures: At what temperature does gasoline freeze? One article I came across suggested that gasoline could freeze at a range between -40C and -76C or any temperature less than -40 degrees fahrenheit. -40 degrees celsius = -40 degrees fahrenheit. You can prevent your gas line from


Driving Smart Decisions – October Update

What is New?   The soil sample numbers are increasing on a daily basis. It appears that the majority of samples may be sent in later this month. The rain in the midwest areas is causing delays with harvest and sampling. Soil sample drying capacity has increased to 31,000+ this fall to help accommodate the increased number


Organic Farming – A first hand look

Edible Landscape

Organic farming is a high risk and high reward method of agriculture. For some the risk too much, such as not knowing your crop’s quality before selling at the elevator and the possibilities for cross-contamination from neighboring fields. These are some things that troubled the mind of Yield Organic CEO, Thea O’Carrol when she decided


Foods Containing Glycerin

Have you ever thought about the fact that you may be eating foods that contain the same ingredient as soap? Glycerin helps extend the life of foods, and it is the same ingredient found in soap. The following information was taken from the following article: “Foods Containing Glycerin” by Jessica Brusso, May 3, 2015 Glycerin, also