Shared Insights 2022 Program

Go above and beyond traditional plant tissue sampling with an intensive 12-week plant analysis program. Every week, track your plant tissue data on our exclusive shared insights dashboard. Get the insights you need to make decisions in-season, and prepare for next year’s crop.


Enrollment includes:

  • 24 plant tissue bags to conduct 12 weeks of plant sampling.
  • Agronomy handbook and plant sampling pocketbook
  • Access to a weekly dashboard to view your results in season.

Growers will get results of 24 plant tissue samples. Plant samplings will be run using our Plant Tissue Complete Package, which includes the following tests:

Plant Tissue Complete Package (3-5 business day turnaround)
Total Nitrogen Sulfur Phosphorus
Potassium Magnesium Calcium
Sodium Iron Manganese
Copper Boron Zinc

Shared Insights Steps:

Step 1: Enroll today using the registration form below.

Step 2: Midwest Labs will invoice you $500.00 for the cost of the program up front.

Step 3: Receive your plant sampling supplies kit from Midwest Labs.

Step 4: Print off required submittal forms using the MyLab Portal to include with your weekly
samples. You are required to pick a field name and sample ID for your two fields. This information must be the same with each submittal of weekly samples.

Step 5: Send in your first week of plant tissue samples with submittal forms to Midwest Labs. You will send in 24 plant tissue samples by the conclusion of the program; One sample, from two fields, for 12 weeks.

Step 6: Receive your reports via email and in the MyLab Portal Shared Insights Dashboard to
compare results week over week.

Any questions about the program email sharedinsightsenrollments@midwestlabs.com.

For reporting questions email our field representative team at fieldreps@midwestlabs.com.

For further help with getting started, contact us anytime: