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The mission of Midwest Laboratories is to drive a positive impact on the lives of our employees, clients, and communities. Midwest Laboratories is an ISO 17025 and NELAP accredited lab. Operating a 14-building campus headquartered in Omaha, NE.

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Step 1. Pick your analysis package

Select from one of the many comprehensive analysis packages we've prepared for every industry we serve. You can also browse our full analysis offerings in our Fee Schedule. It is broken out by the industries that we serve. If you do not see a specific analysis that you would like to request, please email your account manager directly for more information.
Agriculture Pet Food
Step 2. Complete your Submittal Form

Sending in proper submittal paperwork with your samples is required at Midwest Labs. Proper paperwork serves as a packing slip to include in the box with your samples and ensures that your results are completed as accurately and efficiently as possible. To create your submittal form please follow the QuickStart Guide/video steps.
Agriculture Pet Food
Step 3. How to Mail your Samples

Once your samples are prepared, labeled, and boxed up with your submittal form, please ship them to Midwest Labs at 13611 B Street, Omaha NE 68144. We also accept samples Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm with local drop off and a drop box at our main entrance for after hours.
Agriculture Pet Food
Step 4. How to View your Results

You can view that your analysis is in progress and upon completion in your myLab Portal under View Reports. We will also email your completed results to you. After 30 days from your analysis testing, you will be invoiced. You can view and pay for your invoice in the MyLab Portal under View Invoices.
Agriculture Pet Food
Step 5. Create your myLab Portal Account

To make your experience with Midwest Labs as seamless as possible, we ask that you create a myLab Portal Account. The myLab Portal is our online account management system and allows you to create proper submittal paperwork to print off and include with your samples, view your result, and safely pay your monthly invoices.
Agriculture Pet Food


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