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Midwest Laboratories, Inc. opened its doors for business on May 15, 1975 in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, we’ve expanded into a 14-building campus devoted to performing a wide variety of analyses in a highly-regulated environment, providing the most thorough and customizable data in the industry.

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We accept samples Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm with local drop off and a drop box at our main entrance for after hours.


The chromatography lab opened in 1976. The initial intent for the chromatography lab was to support our clients battling herbicide carry over. Since the lab's inception in 1976, the lab has become a central focus for continuous method development, expanding well beyond herbicide support.

Through our chromatography lab, Midwest Labs focuses on method development and analytical testing. We utilize 45 unique instruments for chromatographic analysis, including: HPLC, LC/MS/MS, GCFID/ECD, Headspace and GC/MS/MS to produce consistent and repeatable analysis for mycotoxins, antibiotics, pesticides, vitamins, and so much more. Combine the instrumentation with our phenomenal method development team, and you get new tests such as Pentobarbital and Thyroxine, expanding our customers' options for testing and safety.

Who we support:

  • Pet food brands and manufacturers
  • Food brands and manufacturers
  • Feeds
  • Ingredients/finished goods/raw materials
  • Growers/Ag dealers


  • A highly educated staff including a Ph.D. in Mass Spectrometry and over 100 years of experience in the lab
  • On staff method development team
  • Averaging 6,000 analysis per month
  • We develop between 5-10 new methods each year
  • Used 250,000 gallons of Liquid Nitrogen since 2007


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